ETERNAL ELYSIUM #1('91.8 - '93.3)
YUKITO OKAZAKI - Vocals,Guitars
Originally, ETERNAL ELYSIUM was formed in 1991 by me (Yukito Okazaki), Atsutoshi Tachimoto and Jiro Murakami. We did two recording sessions for a demo (self-titled) in October 1992 and 1st album (Faithful) in February 1993. Tachimoto and Murakami  left the band after this recording, in March 1993.

After the band "Ran-Ja" of N.W.O.B.H.M. broke up in the spring of 1991, OKAZAKI shared his ideas with TACHIMOTO of a new concept (BRITISH HM + JAPANESE musical scale + DOOM) and a new vibe began. In the summer of 1991, MURAKAMI joined. This line-up did two recording sessions for a demo (self-titled) in October 1992 and 1st album (Faithful) in February 1993. The recording of the full-length album was finished by the end of February and it was released in March followed by a tour. However, TACHIMOTO and MURAKAMI left the band after the recording and tour, in March 1993, and unfortunately, domestic release of this album was delayed. But, the album continued to be promoted in America and Europe. Okazaki was the one person who stayed with the project.

ETERNAL ELYSIUM #2 ('94.1 - '95.3)
YUKITO OKAZAKI - Vocals,Guitars

In December 1993, "BLACK MARK PRODUCTION"(in Germany) expressed interested releasing an album. A new band was recruited (bassist KAWASAKI and drummer OKADA ) and work continued during 1994.

But, the agents of both ETERNAL ELYSIUM and BLACK MARK had some communication problems and the contract fell through. The band members left again for various reasons after the tour in March 1995, and OKAZAKI was the only remaining band member again.

ETERNAL ELYSIUM #3 ('96.5 - '00.5)
YUKITO OKAZAKI - Vocals,Guitars
The name ETERNAL ELYSIUM was coined in December 1995 and a new partner was invited into the project, OKUYAMA. An intense period of song writing and jams established that the natural direction of this new ETERNAL ELYSUIM was intense, heavy rock.

At the end of 1995, the Japanese independent label ECLIPSE RECORDS expressed interested in realeasing the FAITHFUL album. It was released in May 1996, and a new drummer KURODA joined.

However OKAZAKI became very sick, and was admitted to hospital just before the band was about to tour in September. The treatment of OKAZAKI in hospital made the cancellation of the tour inevitable.

Activities resumed from February 1997 when Okazaki had recovered starting with "THE SPIRAL CONCLUSION" in summer of that year (June, August and September). "The Spiral Conclusion Vol.1, Vol.2, and Vol.3"(studio live demo) which became the first recording of the new line-up was released and the band was sure that success was just around the corner.

This line up continued for about 4 years, and band recorded for many compilation albums. In 1998, the small private label Cornucopia Records put out the first Japanese Doom Rock compilation called "Doomsday Recitation" (incl; EE, Church of Misery, Millarca, Berenice) which included tracks from Eternal Elysium. The band also had songs on another 2 compilation albums ("At The Mountains Of Madness" from Miskatonic Foundation in UK, and "Survive List" from Survive Records in Japan).

At the beginning of 1999, OKAZAKI received a request to participate in MeteorCity Records "I AM VENGEANCE" soundtrack and a Black Widow tribute from Black Widow Records in Italy. The band recorded some tunes between February and April in '99 for these projects.

In May 1999, MeteorCity invited Eternal Elysium to release an album through the company. First planning of the album "Spiritualized D" is compilation album of the past works. But, band has added some re-recording tracks. (After all, almost tracks of this album are new recording and re-mix versions). Also, the band participated in the Iron Maiden tribute "Slave To The Power" (MeteorCity Records) in February 2000. At last, EE's 2nd album "Spiritualized D" was released in USA in April 2000. Unfortunately at this time the bass player Okuyama left the band.

ETERNAL ELYSIUM #4 ('00.5 - '01.2)
YUKITO OKAZAKI - Vocals,Guitars

OKAZAKI and KURODA quickly found a new bassist UMEMURA. The new line-up recorded the Witchfinder General's classic tune "BURNING A SINNER" in May. This tune was included on the soundtrack of "I AM VENGEANCE". They also recorded the theme to the classic Japanese SF movie "GODZILLA" (for a SF movie tribute album by BLACK WAIDOW Records) and SAINT VITUS's tune "JUST FRIEND".

ETERNAL ELYSIUM #5 ('01.4 - '01.9)
YUKITO OKAZAKI - Vocals,Guitars

In late 2001 the band started to write new songs for the album. But, the drummer KURODA left the band in February 2001. OKAZAKI and UMEMURA continued writing new songs. In April, 2001 the tracks for the album SHARE were recorded with OKUYA playing drums.

The album "Share" was completed November. As soon as the recording of the "Share" album was finished, OKAZAKI and UMEMURA began rehearsal for a Japan tour. However, once more personal problems struck and Okuya, the new drummer, was unable to stay with the band.

ETERNAL ELYSIUM #6 ('01.11 - '03.3)
YUKITO OKAZAKI - Vocals,Guitars

In November 2001, TOM HUSKINSON joined the band. Huskinson played drums on Share on the track called "MOVEMENTS AND VIBES" on new album). The current line up (Okazaki, Umemura and Huskinson) have played live gigs in Nagoya, Osaka, and Tokyo from March to July.

And, in the end of October, the band started first United States tour from Portland, Oregon with great doom rock band Witch Mountain. EE and WM played 13 cities (Portland, Seattle, Missoula, Salt lake City, Fort Collins, Denver, Albuequerque, Mesa, San Diego, Los Angeles, Concord, Alameda, San Lorenzo), especially "Stoner Hands of Doom IV" (EE played 9th Nov.) was hilight of this tour. EE's performance made so many people crazy. This tour was a great success.


ETERNAL ELYSIUM #7 ('03.4 - '03.7)
YUKITO OKAZAKI - Vocals,Guitars

After the successful of US tour, they got back to the studio for recording of split album. But, that wasn't finish only rythem tracks. Tom had to go back to his hometown in New Zealand the end of 2002, and Yukito and Ume couldn't keep on recording. So they decided to use the support drummer, and Antonio Ishikawa was chosen.

Ufortunatelly, TOM HUSKINSON didn't choise to keep on playing on EE, so Antonio stayed at EE, played on some gigs and recordings for split CD.
In July, Ume decided to start running on his own way. There were no ploblems with band, but his main instrument is the Guitar, and he is also singer. Never change the relationship between EE and him.

Wish their (Tom and Ume) success.

ETERNAL ELYSIUM #8 ('03.8 - '03.11)
YUKITO OKAZAKI - Vocals,Guitars

In August, support bassist joined with EE just for 2 recording sessions which are 10 seconds version of SYD BARRETT (ex. PINK FLOYD) tribute and NAZARETH tribute. Band has recorded 10 seconds version's "VEGETABLE MAN" (original tune is unreleased track) in September.

ETERNAL ELYSIUM #8 ('03.11 - now)
YUKITO OKAZAKI - Vocals,Guitars

In November, TANA has joined EE from Minneapolis, USA. EE already has done the jamming with her in summer just one time, and Okazaki decided that she is next bassist. Band started the reheasal and song writing for next release.
In March 2004, we started the gig, especially in Nagoya (w/UNSANE,16), it was great memory for us. After that, we recorded one song for compilation album from Church of Doom Recordings (this will put out soon, maybe).

About next album, we contracted with DIWPHALANX Records in Tokyo. We'll put out next album from that label for Japanese fans, and look for any other labels in US, Eu, any other country. We have a plan to record in LA in February 2005, and will play a few shows in the states. New album will appear in July, I guess.

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