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December 6th, 2011

Thanks for you guys who checked our shows on tour. That was amazing time especially on solo show in Tokyo. We have played 2hours and a half...

We have 4 more gigs in 2011.

DECEMBER 11 / Huck Finn, Nagoya - [GRIND FREAKS #45] w/ UNHOLY GRAVE / DISGUST / ADA+MAX and more...
DECEMBER 16 / Upset, Nagoya - [Boris "HOPE" Japan tour 2011] w/ BORIS
DECEMBER 17 / Ants, Gifu - [DUB 4 REASON Presents "OMEGA SESSION Vol.1] w/DUB 4 REASON /JUNKY WALTZ and more...

See you at the venue.

  November 8th, 2011

Japan tour will be started soon.


November 20 - November 27

NOVEMBER 20 (Sun) @ CLUB CHAOS, Yokkaichi

NOVEMBER 23 (Wed. Holiday) @ PANGEA, Osaka

NOVEMBER 25 (Fri) @ EARTHDOM, Shinokubo Tokyo
SOLO SHOW - We'll play 2 hours !

NOVEMBER 27 (Fri) @ HUCK FINN, Imaike Nagoya


October 12th, 2011



September 22nd, 2011

Analog version of SEARCHING LOW & HIGH album will be released soon.

Original release of SEARCHING LOW & HIGH was in 2005 on CD in Japan. Most of the every tracks recorded at Donner & Blitzen in LA, USA, by Mathias Schneeberger who used to work with Saint Vitus, The Obsessed, Goatsnake, Brant Bjork, and more. We brought everything we do to Japan, and added some vocals, solos, noises, something like that. Mixing was at my own studio "Zen".

This vinyl release has two bonus tracks. Both are instrumental, and remaking tunes. "The Spiral Conclusion" is written on mid of 90's. We played the songs were influenced by Japanese-Oriental traditional music. Original arrange is still on this version, actually.

Other bonus "Eternal Elysium", original take is one our oldest, because of I made this tune for our 1st Demo ! This one was short (about 2 minutes something...), and we used most of that, and added jamming, so this bonus version is the kind of meeting the sound between the origin of the band and current our groove. I'm so satisfied the result of this session, totally.
I hope every fans who keep checking us to listen these 2011 version of EE's 90's story.

Hydro-Phonic Records will put out 3 versions of formats.
- Blue and Purple vinyls (limited 100 copies)
- Random marble vinyls (100 copies)
- Black vinyls (300 copies)

Color versions are only available on Hydro-Phonic site.
Check more infos out.

Thanks a lot !

Yukito Okazaki / ETERNAL ELYSIUM


September 7th, 2011

We have the show in Osaka on 11th.

September 11th (Sun) @ KING COBRA, America-mura, Osaka


August 27th, 2011

Tour page is updated.
Uploaded our gig schedule (until the end of October).

Searching Low & High (US issue - 2LP) will be released soon !


August 20th, 2011

We'll play @HUCK FINN, Nagoya tonight.

August 20th (Sat)



Start playing at around 7.
We'll play 60 minutes set.


August 5th, 2011

We'll play in Tokyo on next Sunday @EARTHDOM.

August 7th (sun) @EARTHDOM, Shinokubo, Tokyo

We had to cancell 2 shows at EARTHDOM.
The reason of that on May in 2010 was Okazaki got sick and was in Hospital,
And, last March, we decided to give up toget to Tokyo just after the confusion
from earthquake.

We're planning to play 60 minutes on next show.
Thanks alot for the organizer, bands, and stuff guys from Earthdom.
We promise we'll do the best for you guys.

See you soon.


July 29th, 2011

Thanks a lot for everyone who have checked us on short tour in chubu-area. We had really good time.

Gig schedule on summer.

July 31st (sun) @HUCK FINN, Imaike, Nagoya
w/ THE DEAD PAN SPEAKERS, Yas (new band of Yasui from OUTRAGE), AMBER VIAL

August 7th (sun) @EARTHDOM, Shinokubo, Tokyo

August 15th (mon) @ZION, Kamimaezu, Nagoya

August 20th (sat) @HUCK FINN, Imaike, Nagoya
w/Genbaku Onanies

Mastering for US version of SEARCHING LOW & HIGH album (2LP) has done. This one will be released on September from HYDRO-PHONIC RECORDS. 2 bonus tracks are included.

Also split 12inch with BLACK PYRAMID will be put out soon from HYDRO-PHONIC.


June 23rd, 2011

ETERNAL ELYSIUM will be short touring in chubu-area this weekend and next Thursday.

JUNE 25 (Sat) @ BRAVO, Kagamihara GIFU

w/ Lamenta?ione, BORISHOI, KAMIYAKE, Great Deceiver

JUNE 30 (Thu) @ HUCK FINN, Imaike Nagoya

We're just making new song for Shinya Ishikawa as pro-wrestler from Big Japan Pro-wrestling. He'll start using our tune for his appearance on the end of July !

And, our next Tokyo show is confirmed.
AUGUST 7 (Sun) @ EARTHDOM, Shinokubo Tokyo


May 18th, 2011

GIG on next Saturday - 22nd.

May 22 @ Bears, Osaka.

Sorry for update's delayed.
More tour schedule is updated.


March 26th, 2011

ETERNAL ELYSIUM will play tomorrow.

March 27 @ Huck Finn, Nagoya.

We'll play, and pray.


March 19th, 2011

ETERNAL ELYSIUM has decided to cancel our performance at Earthdom in Tokyo, March 21.

We were planning to do the show in Tokyo and have been checking routes, but info we've received about the gas availability and re-fueling situation in the Kantoh area makes the trip very uncertain. Nagoya to Tokyo is about 350 km, we hope the people in need have priority and we don't want to stress the system further. We know as well that the distribution system is not flowing smoothly in stricken areas, Tokyo and surrounding. We hoped it would be much better than right now.

We apologize to everyone who wanted to check out our gig, as well as Red Cobalt Industries, Eathdom, Church Of Misery, Barebones, Coffins and Terror Squad. We want everyone to understand that it was a difficult decision for us to make.

We also have concerns about the potential for dangerous radiation. Okazaki suffers from Crohn's disease, which is an immune system problem. While his condition is good now, it is always present. He's not sure about the details of the relationship between radiation and the disease, but feels necessary to take extra care.

To the people who have experienced this disaster and are living with inconveniences; We understand some people feel all musicians, especially those playing heavy music using heavy power, shouldn't play, in order to conserve energy. We absolutely know some areas haven't much electricity, but we also believe some people need music, now more than ever. The event is still scheduled to continue with four awesome Tokyo bands. Music is so necessary to live for us all.

To all living in stricken areas, their families and friends, and other anxious people, we're very sorry and feeling so totally sad. This is the first such experience in our lives and no one knows the best way to proceed. There are too many unbelievable things still now. The time for serious thought followed by positive action has come. There is the possibility this disaster could be a turning point for people in Japan, even people all over the world.

We look forward to the next chance to rock with everyone at Earthdom or elsewhere in Tokyo and share a great time with you guys!

We hope everything will be all right.

Yukito Okazaki
Tana Haugo
Antonio Ishikawa


January 17th, 2011

Updated some shows in winter - spring.
Check those on Tour page.

We're just making the sound for next release that Split LP w/ Fistula, and also bonus tracks for US edition 2LP of Searching Low & High album.

Tokyo show is confirmed.
March 21st @EARTHDOM, Shinokubo



November 18th, 2010

Our Euro / Scandinavia tour was successful. We appreciate everybody who supported us so much. Got great experiences. We hope to back in Europe as soon as possible. See you guys then.

Thanks a lot for Place Of Skulls and Vibra Agency, too.

We'll play in Tokyo (20th Sat) and Nagoya (21st Sun) with Akimbo from US.

Yukito "Zaki" Okazaki


October 19th, 2010

EUROPIEN TOUR (w/Place Of Skulls) will be started from 23rd to November 8th. Check the details on Tour page.
But, EU ediotion of the album "Within the Triad" is not in time on this tour, or we can get sometime during the tour, maybe...
Anyway, we hope this situation would be better, and we think so.

See you guys somewhere venue in EU and Scandinavia. We're so excited to play there.
Thanks / Arigato,

Yukito Okazaki


August 31st, 2010

Our first EUROPIEN TOUR is confirmed. We wanted to do long time, and our hope has come.
We'll be touring a few weeks (Oct.23 - Nov.9) with PLACE OF SKULLS who every doom heads know.
Check our schedule on Tour page. Some more shows will be on the list, probabaly. Keep checking.

We're doing some studio works right now.
Mixing for thg track 23 minutes jamming (this tune will be on Split LP w/Fistula).
Also trying to cover our realy realy old tunes (these are for US issue of "Searching for Low & High" 2LP).

Both releases will be from Hydro-Phonic records (US).


The first half, 2010

EE was jamming and recorded for EU version of "WITHIN THE TRIAD" between January and April. We got the tracks that remaked version our old tunes, and all those are studio live takes.

EU issue of this album will be released by Headspin Records (Netherlands) before our EU tour.
Formats are 2LP / 1CD.
2LP version has some bonus tracks and triple gatefold sleeve jacket. And, CD version's track list is a little different as Japanese issue.

And, on May, I (Okazaki) had Crohn disease, so had to stayed in hospital, but I already got of there. My condition is getting much better, so I have no problem to play right now. Thanks for the people who sent me great messeges and viblations. I think I don't forget this hard and moved experience.


The latter half , 2009

EE recorded and overdubed tracks we want for the album.

And, new album "WITHIN THE TRIAD" is released from Diwphalanx records on August.

We tour between September and November in Japan. Not everyday, but a lot of shows we did, and got good reactions.

We want to say thanks for everybody checked us !


February 22nd, 2009

We'll start recording for next album soon.

We'll leave Japan in 26th Feb, to get to west coast in US. The studio DONNER & BLITZEN is the place to record our new materials. We used to do here about 4 years ago with great engineer Mathis Shneeberger. We had really good felling on last time, so we try to do same process again with him. Only backing tracks of new songs will be recorded here for 4,5 days. We're gonna do some more overdubbings, vocals tracks, something like that at our studio Zen after we've backed from US. We hope everything will be done until middle of June. New album will be put out in someday August.

And, we'll play 3 shows in west coast(San diego-March 6th / LA-7th / San Francisico-8th). Our brothers BLACK COBRA - they join 3 gigs all. Great. And, also one of our favorite band EARTHLESS will join 2 gigs (San Diego, Los Angeles). Doom act DAMNWEEVIL will share the stage in San Fracisco. Anyway, we hope you guys don't miss our shows. Check the schedule on gigs page.

  August 30th, 2008

We had really good time to tour with OM in June, and also with REVELATION in July.
Both they got great reactions in Japan.

In July, after the touring with REVELATION, we started to record new song for compilation album "V.A./LIFE CONCEPTION". This album will be released from MCR Company.
MCR is one of important Punk/HC label in Japan. MCR has 25 years great history on Japanese underground scene, and still goin' on now. We're so glad to work with this label.
Our song is called "The Agent of Doom : Agony / The Sure Hit". One of part on this song has the most fastest beat on every EE songs. That's very interesting experience for us. We didn't know, such a hard to play the hard core beat...
Anyway, we like this song so much. Release date is 15th October.

We're still trying to write new songs for next album. That's not smooth, but can look forward day by day.
  April 27th, 2008

The most newest release of us that's 10 inch vinyl - "MYSTERIOUS VIEWS IN STONE GARDEN" will be put out April 30th from ELECTRIC EARTH RECORDS in Belgium. 4 tracks are included.
3 songs from last release (Split with Black Cobra) + 1 unreleased track that's made by our studio jamming - mostly no overdubs.

Limited 500 copies (400 black / 100 blue), with poster(!).
  February 7th, 2008

Sorry, I couldn't update this page long time.
We had a really good time in 2007, too. Lots of shows, like playing with Orange Sunshine from Netherland in Feb, and we were busy to make split CD with Black Cobra. This split CD's put out from Diwphalanx records in August, and EE and BC Japan tour was followed this one in September, and that's successfully, totally.

We've played with Electric Wizard, too, in November. All shows on this tour were sold out. Great.

We're playing at 4,5 places in hometown Nagoya on these a few months. This mean's really good. Long time ago, we haven't any places to play anymore, just except some tiny dusty stinky places. Things about us are very well, at least better than 15 years ago, ha ha.

Well, we'll play with WITCHCRAFT (from Sweden) in Nagoya on this weekend. That's their first Japan tour. Also BLOOD FARMERS and ORGE (from USA) will come to Japan in March. We'll join 2 shows on this tour, too.
  June 22nd, 2006

We're gonna be touring in US between 30th August and 14th September. Some shows are already comfirmed - 30th in Portland with my best friend's Witch Mountain and Ditch Liquor, and 3rd September in Mesa, Arizona that's reborned "Stoner Hands of Doom VI".
14th Sep - that's last day of this tour, we'll probably in NYC. Most of dates, we're playing with ACID KING and BLACK COBRA.

We've joined the compilation CD "7586 vol.2 - La Nagoya". This one's put out from "coup label" in Nagoya (our hometown), any other artists are also from Nagoya, means there's totally Nagoya's color. Not only heavy rock (only us and a few), many artists from a lot of style. You can get this one at famous music store that's like Tower records, something like that. Only 1,000yen (about $9).

  February 20th, 2006

Touring with ACID KING was successfuly. That's toatlly good experience on our life, and really glad that thay were having a good time in Japan except the classic style of Japanese toilet, I guess. We've hit 3 big cities and got great reactions from bunch of Jap's heavy rock heads. We've confirmed there is real heavy rock scene that's getting bigger a bit more than past day by day. That's still not so big, but many people who didn't care the underground music begin to notice heavy/doom/stoner rock community.
We made the tour t-shirts. Check this site up if you're interested. I'm not sure of this company accept the purchase from overseas, I guess that's possible. Check it out, anyway.

Well, we're gonna join the big event's called "independence-D" in Shinkiba, Tokyo on March 5th. I heard 4,500 pieces of advance ticket is already sold out. We have only just 20 minutes to play..... umm, that's OK, most of any other bands are same as our situation. And I think, first experience makes special hit! That's the most important thing for us.
  December 20th, 2005

After the release of our new album, we were playing in a lot of places. We usually just got to big cities (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and some), but we've got to any other middle-small cities that's really fun. And, the promotion clip for new album ("Reefer Happiness") is on air on Cable/Satelite TV proglam that's like MTV Japan. Check it out on the proglam if you're staying/living in Japan. See you guys on midnight programs. I'll try that people can check it on this web site, but I don't know how to do. Let me know how to convert the file...

ACID KING will come to Japan.
The tour's comfirmed. There are 4 shows from Feburuary 2nd to 5th. We'll support them and play 3 shows. Also any other great Japanese heavy rock bands will join the each shows. Anyway, don't miss the legendaly Stoner rock band's first Japan tour. Click here to the details.
This is totally big present for Japanese heavy rock heads.

  June 2nd, 2005

Compositions for our new album that's called "SEACHING LOW & HIGH" are finished!

In March, we came back from US and started the touring in Japan with NEBULA soon. We played 4 shows with them (2 shows in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka), and that was successful. All we had a great time each other, and also exciting shows for Japanese heavy rock heads.
After the touring, we restarted the recording in April. A lots of things were added at our studio. In May, track down was started, and we had to make the sleeve at same time, so we got so tired... Anyway, whole things of new one "SEACHING LOW & HIGH" have done. We just wait for put out the album will be put out from Diwphalanx records in 22nd July.

We joined DVD "Wizard's Convension - Japanese Heavy Rock Show Case-" that will appear in 6th June (soon!). 4 bands are included (Boris, Greenmachine, Church of Misery, and us). About us, 2 songs ("Twilight High", "Splendid, selfish woman") are included on. This is our first official live thing. I don't know how do people except Japanese get this, probably (All that Heavy) will sell this.


March 15th, 2005

We've just come back to my hometown last week. We had many good experiences in LA and Minneapolis. DONNER & BLITZEN is awesome space. But, we got sick so much during recording, so maybe have to record some tracks at Studio Zen, and we'll mix down someday in April.
We wanna say thank you so much to everybody in Stoner Rock community in the states, especially Shneebie from Dooner & Blitzen, Malio and Tony from Fatso Jetson, Guy, Lori, Joey from Acid King, Countach, Zebulon Pike, Rob Wrong, Tom Oz, bunch of Tana's friends in Minneapolis and more and more people.

Well, NEBULA guys have just arrived in Japan today. Those guys will stay a few days in Nagoya (our hometown), and start the touring with us at 18th Friday. Check te schedule at gigs page.

  Feburuary 16th, 2005

We'll leave Japan about 10 hours later.
We changed the studio because there was some problems in John's studio.
We get to the one of great studio in Arcadia that's called DONNER & BLITZEN. I heard that MARK LANEGAN, BRANT BJORK, NICK OLIVERI, earthlings?, FATSO JETSON, GOATSNAKE used to record at there. Many people in StonerRock community supported and helped our booking for recording studio. We appriciate you guys so much.
We have also the plan to play 4 shows in the states. Check our schedules in US (gigs). Don't miss it.
  January 19th, 2005

We're gonna get to the United States again.
We'll stay in LA to record new album between 16th and 28th in February, and play at 2 places on 25th and 26th with ACID KING. After those great things, we're gonna play more 2 shows in Minneapolis.
And, NEBULA will come to Japan in March. We and many great Japanese bands will support this tour. Check these schedules and line up on gigs page.


December 6th, 2004

We'll contract with DIWPHALANX RECORDS for coming up next album. This label put out a lot of heavy rock bands like BORIS, GREENMACHiNE, and CHURCH OF MISERY. We're glad to work with DIWPHALANX. We'll probably look for some labels in US, EU and any other areas.
We have a plan to record this album in LA, California in Feburuary, and also play a few show in LA and Minneapolis.

Great Argentinean Doom/Stoner label "Dias De Garage" will put out the split album of ETERNAL ELYSIUM and DRAGONAUTA. We'll record some new songs and something cover tunes soon.

And, we'll tour on Japan with NEBULA in March, 2005. We're really glad about it.


June 29th, 2004

We had really good time with Church of Misery, Outrage, Coffins, The Sad Mile guys in May 16th. I think that day was almost one of legendaly gig. I was moved by bunch of people.
Our next show is August 29th in Nagoya with GREENMACHiNE and CHURCH OF MISERY. This gig is kind of releasing party of those 2 bands. We'll support that.
We already started the writing of some new songs for next album. We have a plan to record next shit at our best friend Jhon's studio in L.A. on february 2005. We'll get to there to get the fat analog sound.
And, there is also great plan that touring in Japan with NEBULA in March 2005. We hope it come true. We wanna really play with them.

  April 10th, 2004

We've got 4 shows since Tana has joined.
At first gig, we' ve played a few old songs and jamming so much. We really enjoyed on kind of Tana's debut gig with EE in Japan.
We got to Tokyo in March, and awesome reactions and voices from audience told us those guys were really waiting for our coming. Beautiful.
After that, we've joined the great show of UNSANE and 16 from the states. They're awesome. We had so good times with those guys. I was so surprised at Rafa has joined 16. I know him since I've been to US last time, I saw him in Alameda and San Francisco. I didn't know he's coming to Japan to play until I met him at venue. That's amazing. And UNSANE guys... totally crazy, but absolutery great.
Now, we're just starting to record one song for Compilation album from Church of Doom Recordings.

  November 19th, 2003

New bassist TANA HAUGO has joined EE. We already started the reheasal and song writing for our future releases. And, we'll record some jam sessions for compilation from new label Ubiquitous Records. The other bands on the compilation will be Gas Giant, The JPT Scare Band, Josefus, and the Dave Mitchell Guitar Orchestra. The name of the project is "Jamnation" that will be put out early next year.

October 20th, 2003

Our own label CORNUCOPIA RECORDS put out our new split CD with Of The Spacistor today.
See the sleeve image and more info at label's web site.

After the mastering of split album, Ume has left the band. In August, Yukito's friend Mitsuru join the band to support for 2 recording sessions. One is the tribute album of the former of Pink Floyed Syd Barrett. This project is entitled -THE VEGETABLE MAN 10" PROJECT-, see the details here. EE has recorded just 10 seconds version "Vegetable Man" in September. Other one is NAZARETH tribute. EE will cover Nazareth's one of anthem "RAZAMAZAZ", and will get to the studio soon.

Next bassist TANA HAUGO will join the band in November. She is still living in Minneapolis, USA. She has decided to move to Japan for playing with EE.


May 27th, 2003

Also drummer Tom Huskinson has left the band. Antonio from hard core band "MUGA" supports next two gigs and recording for split album.

Honestly, drummer Antonio already joined the band from January, because we have to keep recordings some tracks, and Tom stayed in New Zealand, so we had to find new or supporting drummer. I like Tom's performance, but feel so difficult to ajustment of schedule each other. He is still my good friend. I wish his success. (Yukito Okazaki)


May 15th, 2003

Sadly news... Bassist Ume will leave the band after the recording work of split album with Of The Spacistor. Reason to leave isn't kind of collisions of the opinion, that is his personal. His contribution took Eternal Elysium to the new world of EE's rock. I appriciate him so much, and wish his success. Everybody, keep on looking and support his new way. (Yukito Okazaki)

EE is looking for new Bass player. If you're interested in us, get in touch soon. (mail)

About split album w/Of The Spacistor, we keep on recording 3 songs that will be finished until the end of July. So, album will be put out on in August from Cornucopia records.

We'll play just 2 shows in Japan.
30th May and 1st July - these are last 2 gigs with Ume. (gigs)


December 10th, 2002

We've finished our first US tour that was successfully!!
Thanks for you guys all.
Yukito and Tom come back to Japan after the last day soon, but Ume stayed more about 3 weeks in United States, and joined Witch Mountain gig only 30th at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco (w/Lost Goat, Old Grand Dad). And, he has come back to Japan with big and great memories last week.

See the details of this tour;
Lots of Photos (images)
Date & Places (gigs)

We'll do the reheasal for the split CD with space rock band "Of The Spacistor". Also they guys live in same as our hometown Nagoya. This CD will be released in next spring by CORNUCOPIA Records. So, we'll record a few songs for it soon.


September 19th, 2002

Good news for American people. EE'll get to your town soon!

US TOUR 2002
10/31 Portland, OR
11/01 Seattle, WA
11/02 Missoula, MT
11/04 Salt Lake City, UT
11/05 Fort Collins, CO
11/06 Denver, CO
11/07 Albuquerque, NM
11/09 Mesa, AZ (Stoner Hands of Doom IV Festival)
11/11 San Diego, CA
11/12 Los Angeles, CA
11/13 Concord, CA
11/14 Alameda, CA,
11/15 San Lorenzo, CA

We can't wait for!


March 6th, 2002

At last, our new studio album called "SHARE" is put out on Feb 25th in USA.
Included 9 stoned songs, you'll be on the trip 54mins over.

Anyway, check it out.
See the details - "Share"

  Also this album is released from MeteorCity records in USA (
People Like You (Century Media) will put out in EU, the end of March.
  July 6th, 2000

Recently, I renewaled ETERNAL ELYSIUM Spiritual Web Site.
Followings are the news between April and June.
  At last USA stoner/doom rock label MeteorCity Records put out ETERNAL ELYSIUM's new album called "Spiritualized D" in April. I promise long long good trip.
More informations are here and ordering is here.
  EE have exchanged their bassist. Eiichi Okuyama left the band in May because his private reason. Soon band found new stoned axeman who name is Zion. New EE have already done the gig in Tokyo in June 30th.  
  We also recorded 2 tunes, one is Witchfinder General's classic "Burning A Sinner" that will be used "I AM VENGEANCE" soundtrack CD from MeteorCity Records.
Another one is Japanese greatest monster movie's thema "Godzilla" for science fiction movie tribute album from Black Widow Records in Italy.
  EE decided to join Saint Vitus tribute album called "A Timeless Tale". This heavy project is planned by DreamFire Records in USA. We'll play "Just Friends (empty love)" from Vitus's 2nd "Hallow's Victim".