Debut album of new comer from doom/stoner scene in Japan will be released on 8th March, 2017.
"nibs" as the name of this great trio. These three guys have much experiences in Japanese underground scene, so they aren't fresh boys, and mean's their sounds have quality very much. Especially drummer Katagiri's skills to make great grooves and vibes always take everybody to get hot. Hideya as songwriter sings and playing bass build the base of their doom rock. This rhythm section keep making heavy rockin' fat bottom, and sometimes show also tasty groove that's influenced by funk/soul/R&R music. Guitar player Matsui push the sound wave by his thick riffs works. He adds spacy colors, and even metal egdes, too.
All tracks are recorded at Studio Zen, engineered by Okazaki from Eternal Elysium. They spent about a years more to finish all processing to put out this one.

6songs, digipack CD.
Cover artwork by Zack Kinsey.

6th album of ETERNAL ELYSIUM has just released on 15th June, 2016.
One of frontier doom/stoner/heavy rock band in Japan - Eternal Elysium finally put out new album. Cornucopia releases just CD version of this one. Including 8 songs, 57mins heavy and deep soundscape. They're playing heavy rock that influenced by 70's hard/blues/psychedelic/heavy and doom/stoner rock, and adding more oriental/Japanese tastes especially on lyrics. The meeting of 2 languages is making a kind of special resonance and means of spiritual new dimension. On recording sessions, they tried to keep primitive vibes. Analog soundboard, tube compressors something like that helped what they wanted.
One of other point is they covered classic tune "Hiroshima" from Flower Travellin' band. EE was already playing this great song after the disaster/accident of nuclear plant in Fukushima, Japan 2011. That's irony the warning of this old song is still alive, but they thought this is the timing to record.

Original front cover art is made by hand craft. Paper gatefold sleeve (slim size) with lyrics sheet.
Check it out.


LP version will follow late this year, be released by Headspin Records, NL.